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29th-Mar-2009 02:04 pm(no subject)

i'm back again, la di dah. when i'm being lazy and don't feel like being productive i usually make graphics. this was what happened earlier. wound up making a bunch of michelle trachtenberg and emmy rossum stuff because i happened to stumble upon their fansites first. in valkyrie speak, that translates to daphne hayes and adeline costello. <3 they're played by the lovely lainey and the lovely chels and these are primarily for them, but feel free to snag. woo.

1-19 michelle trachtenberg (daphne hayes) icons
20-34 michelle trachtenberg (daphne hayes) profile pictures
35-49 emmy rossum (adeline costello) icons
50-66 emmy rossum (adeline costello) profile pictures



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7th-Mar-2009 09:29 pm(no subject)

heeey. this is clare. everyone's favorite bear. this'll be my first post here, go me. got bored earlier and made a bunch of demi lovato graphics. she might just be a new sigging drug. it's kind of funny; she used to annoy the living daylights out of me. now i find her really adorable because she's the face of the oh so winful alex suresh at valkyrie, played by the even winful-er georgie. <3

35 demi lovato (alexandra suresh) icons
20 demi lovato (alexandra suresh) profile pictures



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6th-Mar-2009 09:34 pm - let's rock around the clock tonight,
four hours is enough for one night.</3>
sam/sarah of SPN? Best. Ship. Ever. After duby and badass!bobby, of course. I went slightly insane, ‘cause I’m finally a ninja with those torturous screencaps. I bet Kripke does this to make us even more miserable. Anyway, and Jessica Stroup. ‘cause I love her, have a character of her, and like these photos. Everything else I just randomly found and decided to icon. It’s good times.<3 Basically, this is a post for my own gain with the epic exception of Fairion. xD

[1-24] Orion Hughes/Fairuza Romani, Sam Winchester/Sarah Blake.
[25-32] Max Silver, Katie Cassidy.
[33-40] River Hadley, Genevieve Cortese.
[41-54] Hayden Hadley, Jessica Stroup.
[55-58] Orion/Fairuza, Sam/Sarah, banners.

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20th-Feb-2009 10:50 pm - one out of ten, son
batch one of photoshop not working.

so, taylor cole is probably one of the most stunning human beings on the planet. so much so that I do believe she's one of my new 'conning drugs. That's good. oh, and I'm a lot more active in the LJ fandom community things than I thought. xD So, I'm posting what I found here, which is Mark/Max, now and the rest I discovered when photoshop stops being fail.
1-23 ( taylor cole, fairuza romani )
24-38 ( dean/ruby, mark/max )
39-40 ( taylor cole, fairuza romani, signatures )

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16th-Jan-2009 05:43 pm(no subject)
Basically, when I learned some new effects on Photoshop, I got excited and started making banners upon banners. I have made 23 for assorted people. This batch is all couples and females. I tried to do girls who have less graphics around but seriously, I will be making more, although the next batch I post with be men and more couples.

This batch includes Amber Heard, Teresa Palmer, Cameron Richardson, Evan Rachel Wood and Jim Sturgess, Dominic Cooper and Keira Knightly, Romola Garai, Romola and Diego Luna, Anna Popplewell, Anna and Ben Barnes, Elisha Cuthbert and Emile Hirsh, and Genevieve Cortese.

And in Valkyrie speak that means, Andie Wallace, Bevin Turner, Brett Kennedy, Fiona Stillings and Charlie Rose, Demitri Zervos and Astrid Coolidge, Rosalyn Summers, Frose, Meghan Wallace, Meghan and Emilio Moretti, Jordian and River<3

They're all either 300x360px or 450x310px. ENJOY! Collapse )
13th-Jan-2009 10:13 pm - HEY!!
So no one had posted here in a while so I thought I should. I had made a fair number of icons before so I just dug through and picked some out. I was a little lazy, so I'm not posting them all but a fair few yes.

14x Simitri icons ((Dominic Cooper and Amanda Seyfried))
21x Donny Davis icons ((Colin Hanks in the House Bunny <3 ))
28x Mary and Adam icons ((Isla Fischer and Ryan Reynolds in Definitely, Maybe))

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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22nd-Nov-2008 11:28 am - little surfer, little one

sort-of. basically i was going through my old PSDs and found some old images. i colorized my favorites, and then stole some of my old sigs xD, and voila! technically, only max and andie are charries on VA from this post, but whatever.

1-13 ( amber heard, andie wallace )
14-22 ( genevieve cortese )
23-29 ( katie cassidy, max silver )
29-31 ( andie wallace, signatures )


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14th-Nov-2008 09:00 pm - Amber Heard, the anti-drug.
first part of an andie drop. (:

sooo, amber heard is probably the most gorgeous female on the face of the earth. i think she's become my new iconing drug. even more so than hayden. and, because of that, i'm rewarding the world with some more crappy-ass icons. (: i'm aware i made a few too many of one image - but she's too hot! these are primarily for clare ( <333 ) who plays the winful andromeda wallace. but feel free to take.<3

1-25 ( amber heard, andie wallace )
1-4 ( amber heard, profile pictures )


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13th-Nov-2008 10:03 pm - Andigan & Bebbie Part 2
don't want to waste your time, but here is the second part:

63 icons - Daniel Radcliffe & Teresa Palmer / Robbie Wallace & Bevin Turner

second part!Collapse )
13th-Nov-2008 10:01 pm - Andigan & Bebbie
i found it extremely depressing when i can hardly find any icons of cam gigandet and amber heard and of dan rad and teresa palmer. so i went off, found great screencaps and started iconing these pairings from their entire movies. so, it was time consuming but i am quite proud of them. ummm, va related i play bevin (teresa) and finnegan (cam) while the oh so lovely clare plays both andromeda (amber) and robbie (dan). they are both just awesome pairings that have hardly any icons out there, so i took the liberty to do it myself. =] the andigan icons are obviously from their movie 'never back down' and sean faris is thrown around in a few. bebbie is from, 'december boys.'

79 icons - Cam Gigandet & Amber Heard / Finnegan Turner & Andromeda Wallace
63 icons - Daniel Radcliffe & Teresa Palmer / Robbie Wallace & Bevin Turner

edit, so this post is too big so i posted the bebbie icons in the post above!


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